October sketches, pt. 1

I pulled back my ambitions on each day’s sketches for Riffing on a Theme. I had fun making my first image for Tree Intercropping, but I realized that creating that much imagery each day was going to quit being fun for me. Every once in a while I’ll head out running to go on a new stretch of road or trail just because; I call it “stamp collecting”. It has little value for me, and following a list to complete a list isn’t my style.

Today’s post is a collection of the simpler sketches I’ve made in the past few days while trying to avoid stamp collecting. None of them are completed works. Some are interrupted works, either by boredom, time, or one computer crash. A few would be reaching sketch quality. In a lesson to myself, the quickest to make have been my favorite to create and see at the end. In this list, it’s the images for composting and bamboo forest.

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