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Soldrevet is solar powered.

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Soldrevet is a new adventure for me. I started it in July 2020, and I’m still developing what it means to me. As I grow, so does this website. My dream is to support persons who are committed to sustainable development.

What does “sustainable” mean to you?

Project Drawdown publishes an approachable list of solutions, which I often turn to. The United Nations publishes its own list, which I use less. When you get in touch, please let me know how you want your work to contribute to sustainable development.

What “sustainable” means to Soldrevet

Soldrevet is compound word in Norwegian that I discovered when I first moved to Norway in 2015. The word is composed of sol, meaning “sun”, and drevet, meaning “-powered” or “-driven”. (Hear pronunciation from Google Translate.) The word is missing from the official Norwegian lexicon, but does exist in Det Norske Akademis Ordbok.

Sustainable development means using a philosophy that recognizes we can work together to benefit the common good. Running from fears is unsustainable. Willful running towards disaster is unsustainable. Blaming the past is unsustainable. Hunting for a silver bullet is unsustainable. Building perspectives that look further in the future and farther off the horizon is sustainable. Recognizing joy and celebrating success is sustainable.

Soldrevet is my way to work with you to realize your goals for sustainable development. Whether you’re a company needing research help, a researcher wanting help with graphics for scientific presentation, or a person looking for guidance, Soldrevet can help.

Soldrevet Chemistry by Thomas Preston is an enkeltmannsforetak (sole proprietorship) registered and operating in Norway under organization number 924649178.

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