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Personal development,

done sustainably

Thrive inside yourself

You are exactly you. I can only be me. I will support you in your endeavours, but I cannot be a problem solver for you. You will get out of professional coaching what you put in. Consider your adventure with Soldrevet like learning to play an instrument: growth happens during daily practice sessions, whereas our face-to-face sessions give opportunity for sharing and feedback.

Events each month

  • 1 hour face-to-face conversations
  • 1 mid-month check-in from you and follow-up from me
  • Personal interaction throughout the month via email/chat

More frequent conversations and exchanges are available by agreement.

Priced to your needs

Get started with Soldrevet

It’s easy to get started with Professional coaching at Soldrevet. Coaching starts with personal interaction from the very beginning. Our journey together starts with the following steps.

  1. Fill out the Initial Contact Form
  2. I send you a personal reply, addressing your responses to the Initial Contact Form
  3. If we decide we are right fits for each other, we schedule our first 1-hour session

Building a new mentality

Moving into a life with a coach means being ready to challenge your own opinions. There may be many reasons you choose to invite a supportive-yet-analytical voice into your life. As you find your reasons, I encourage you to read this article that transformed my thinking on what it is to bring a mentor into your life.

Common themes in Soldrevet Coaching

  • Non-numerical goal writing
  • Professional transitions
  • Goal evaluation and adjustment
  • Self-awareness training
  • Constructive and inclusive mentality
  • Building confidence in our decisions

Do I need another pair of eyes?

I have had the fortune of being led by mentors who build me up. I also have felt the loneliness of asking for help while floundering. I have experienced the misplaced pride of thinking, “I can get this done on my own.” We start life with school teachers, sports coaches, and piano teachers. Soldrevet Professional Coaching gives you a safe space to walk your own path with confidence.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been brought up in a culture that expects you to just take care of yourself because you’re an adult. I’m here to tell you that this is a trap. There are times when we’re far too critical of ourselves, there are other times when a second person can help us realize a different way forward, and there are other times when turning a thought into spoken words makes it less scary.

I make a safe space for you to share your ideas and be yourself. Our conversations and exchanges are confidential. We practice mutual trust and support, while avoiding judgment or blame. Let’s drop the idea of moving away from our fears of the past. Rather, we build a mentality of moving towards future targets.

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