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Soldrevet offers scholarships (fee waivers) for those who are sincere about their professional and personal growth. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis by an external committee. Scholarships are granted based on strength of application, available capacity at Soldrevet, and perceived benefit to the applicant.

Read the description pages within the Services section to learn about what’s possible with Soldrevet. Scholarships are geared towards persons at crucial stages in their development where reduced costs will accelerate personal growth. Examples include those who are studying, are unemployed or under-employed, are moving internationally, or similar.

Write your responses to the items below in a 1-page document. Attach your document and send by email to using subject “Soldrevet Scholarship”.

  1. What Soldrevet service will you be using? Briefly describe your activity and/or motivation for working with Soldrevet.
  2. How does your work and/or study align with sustainable development goals?
  3. How will a scholarship (fee waiver) at Soldrevet help you reach those goals?

Applications and applicant names are kept confidential

Unsure? Send me a note.

Are you unsure whether a scholarship at Soldrevet is right for you? Send me an email, tell me a little bit about yourself, and let’s start a conversation. I’d rather you ask so that we can get started as smoothly as possible.

Are you worried about your English skills? Get in touch -try not to let fear stop you. Living internationally since 2012, I have experienced my own reluctance to communicate because of language barriers. Soldrevet and the Scholarship Committee support you and your development. We are here to help.

Soldrevet gives special encouragement to applicants from Central America, South America, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Pacific Islands

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