About TJ Preston

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I’m Thomas Preston; most people call me TJ. I am Soldrevet.

Soldrevet Chemistry mixes my passion for molecules and exploring nature

It’s all in the name – I am solar powered. I moved to Norway in 2015, having lived the United Kingdom from 2012 to 2015 and in the USA before that. Life for me is about seeking joy and sharing joy. If it’s not fun – or it’s not going to bring joy to others – it’s not for me. See the About Soldrevet page for technical bio and for info on what Soldrevet Chemistry can do for you.

When time disappears

Hard work requires time for recovery. If I’m not moving around outside, I’m usually sitting still. It’s a philosophy that works equally well for work and for play. Here are a few links to other places I’m active around the internet.

Strava. Running most day of the year. Hiking, cycling, skiing and photos.

Twitter. Retweet are most common, some repeats from my blog posts.

Instagram. Just getting started. Running photos.

Jeg er jo Soldrevet. My blog, here on this website.

Non-technical Bio

Resident in Oslo, Norway and Bodø, Norway
(2015 – present)
Multi-week trekking (with Marie from Outspoken Images); trail running; road cycling; cross-country skiing and backcountry skiing; becoming fluent in Norwegian.

Resident in Bristol, United Kingdom
(2012 – 2015)
Rural rambling and urban walking: urban and semi-urban running; board games with friends; non-competitive ultimate frisbee.

Resident in Madison, Wisconsin, USA
(2006 – 2012)
Non-competitive ice hockey; road cycling.

Resident in Orono, Maine, USA
(2002 – 2006)
Road cycling; frisbee golf.

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