Soldrevet Around the Web

Soldrevet is a one-man show. As of January 2021, I’m based in Folldal, Norway, a town of 1500 inhabitants nestled deep in the valley.

I’m also scattered all over the web for easy interaction. Soldrevet is about communication and engagement, so find me where it suits you. Check out the links to social media for Soldrevet’s platforms of interaction

LinkedIn. Resources, connections, and I’m available for chat via messaging.

Research Gate. Public-facing sharing of research projects.

Twitter. Resources and uplifting voices.

Instagram. Photos of serene scenery. No selfies, no dogs, I promise.

Twitch. Public office hours. Coming soon!


Networking, short posts, activities
Soldrevet on LinkedIn

I use LinkedIn for networking, making shorter posts about the Soldrevet business, and share upcoming events Soldrevet is hosting or joining. Follow Soldrevet on LinkedIn to get notifications about our Virtual Tea Time, where Soldrevet joins up with Outspoken Images to invite you to our work-from-home coffee nook.

Link to Virtual Tea Time meeting room.

Research Gate

Sharing public research

I use Research Gate for sharing current progress in my active research projects. As of January 2021, my public collaborations are with Prof. Saulo Vazquez at Univesidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Prof. François Amar at University of Maine (USA).

Contract research performed by Soldrevet is confidential. Confidentiality includes names of clients and research topics.

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