Specialized Services

Working with you on the fine details

Soldrevet Chemistry can support your specialized endeavors. The list below gives example themes I have guided. As with all services at Soldrevet, I focus on you. Specialist services with Soldrevet rely on a close relationship. To start, we have a free consultation teleconference to learn if we are right for each other.

  • Project planning and development
    • Structuring plans for success through flexibility
    • Building meaningful goals and metrics
  • Technical assistance
    • Research and evaluation
    • Data interpretation
  • Career shifts
    • International searches and relocation
    • Changes of field or focus area
    • Returning to education

Some of the specialist services sound like typical research tasks. Others sound, perhaps, more personal to you. Despite their differences, each item above is a focused task that has many potential solutions. It is critical, therefore, that you and Soldrevet develop a framework working together to build an outcome that is right for you.

Specialist Services

Framework for execution
  • Initial consultation teleconference (free)
  • Contract development and agreement
  • Constant contact throughout work
    • Phone, email, chat
  • Periodized billing as per contract

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