Editorial guidance

Your voice coming through

Does your audience hear what you think they hear?

Be clear, be you

When we compose documents, even for science, it is inevitable that we mix in our human experience. That’s why it can be crushing to have your writing returned covered in red ink. As an editor I shrink that fear of evaluation because I value both you and your work. My aim is to let your best self shine through the work you create. I want you to ensure that your work contributes all it can to sustainable development.

I’ve been writing and editing technical documents for publishing for 15 years. I have worked with students, junior scientists and senior professors as they craft news stories, manuscripts, research proposals, scientific artworks, and more. My own compositions have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, trade shows, research contracts, public proposals, and beyond.

All stages of composition

I help with manuscripts, pamphlets, infographics, theme design and other avenues of dissemination

Whether you are nearing a polished product or still in sketching phase, Soldrevet can work with you to make your composition sing.

Soldrevet works with you to polish technical documents so you can showcase your work in sustainable development. Perhaps you’re writing for the general public and you can use my help to build an approachable message. Perhaps your new discovery can change the world and you want to tidy up language. We are here for you.

Valuing you

Benefits for returning customers

Soldrevet thrives by putting value on the person behind the work. We expect the same in return. Because so much of editing is about our personal interaction, we want our joyful customers to keep coming back. Returning customers receive closer contact, more frequent exchanges, and lower contract overhead.

Typical working schedule

Soldrevet knows science and the humans behind science. When you contract Soldrevet for editorial guidance, I value both you and your work. That’s why teleconferences are standard in our working schedule.

Use the contact form below to tell me about what you’re looking for. Total duration can be under 24 hours for small projects, or weeks-to-months for large projects.

  • Initial meeting by teleconference
  • Contract exchange, with agreed estimated price and delivery dates
    • 50% estimated price payment
  • First return of document and teleconference
    • 25% estimated price payment
  • Final return of document
    • 25% fee payment
  • Closing exchange teleconference

First session without obligation

Use the form below to tell me about how I can help. Prices depend on your needs and requests. All work performed under mutually agreed contract. Typical pricing is €50/hour.

Technical editing for your sustainable science

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