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Building a visual story

The right visual profile can help you deliver your message. Do you find yourself wishing you could convert your research article into a single, approachable image? Do you have a central theme in your research you keep coming back to? Do you get stuck converting from technical speak to imagery relatable to the public? We at Soldrevet Chemistry and Outspoken Images combine our expertise to deliver what you need.

Soldrevet Chemistry and Outspoken Images have been making scientific art together since 2012. We can start from a sketch, an idea, or finished documents. As a duo, we speak both science-ese and art-ese fluently. Every image on this website has been created either by me, by Marie from Outspoken Images, or by both of us. We cherish building visual stories and we will make sure you are happy with the art me make for you.

Pencil sketch and digital art, joint work by Soldrevet and Outspoken Images.

Stylistic art

The image on the left conveys a complicated chemical process in a 3D sketch. I’ve used it for talking with undergraduate chemists and professors of physics. Soldrevet Chemistry will work with you to bring your science story to life at the right level of complexity for your audience.

This work is a pencil drawing by Outspoken Images with digital augmentation by Soldrevet Chemistry. It is the cover art for The Journal of Physical Chemistry on 31 July 2014.

Photography or Cartoonography

We make art for you. We can take photos on commission for you. What we make, you own. Our attention to detail ensures your new art satisfies the needs of your science. We’re experienced with presenting to audiences on many levels of complexity. Specifically, our customers enjoy how the visual themes we create build confidence as they construct the accompanying work. Think of our imagery as a scaffold for you to build around.

Our work has appeared in documents and presentations at international conferences, multi-faceted research projects, project proposals, academic journals, popular press articles, meetings with the city council, and beyond. Teach us what you need and we’ll deliver.

Representation of complicated data

Presenting data is, you guessed it, an art! Graphs can be pretty. Figures can be engrossing. We’re here to put that professional, attention-grabbing elegance on your data. Soldrevet and Outspoken Images are here for you whether you want to sketches to capture an idea, stylized data that maintains scientific rigor, or straight-up “sciencey” data.

We don’t do data analysis, but we do transform numbers into something amazing. Soldrevet is happy to receive spreadsheets and send you back JPGs (or PDFs, or SVGs, or what you need). Our figures meet the rigorous standards of international journals.

Who are you and how do you work?

We know science, we know art. Both worlds have times of steady progress sprinkled with unforgiving deadlines. When you contract us for design, we deliver to you on time. You’ll have time for review, inspection by your collaborators, and suggestions for modifications.

Our first (free) consultation meeting will help us learn each other and then decide whether we can satisfy each other’s requirements.

Typical working schedule

  • Initial meeting by teleconference
  • Contract development and agreement
    • 50% fee payment thereafter
  • First sketches/drafts delivered
  • Comments and requests exchanged
  • Delivery of art
    • 50% fee payment
  • Closing exchange

Total duration can be under 24 hours for small projects, or weeks-to-months for large project.

Example past projects

  • Journal cover art
  • Entire research proposal packages
  • Trade-show handouts
  • Central images for collaborative projects
  • Re-representation of complicated data sets
  • Infographics
  • Slideshow backgrounds and themes
  • Posters and flyers

First session without obligation

Use the form below to start your artistic journey with us. Prices depend on your needs and requests. Typical prices are about €100 for a single piece, or about €1000 for a complete visual theme as you might use in an EU proposal. We work until you’re satisfied.

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