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Soldrevet provides services in career and project development. Our industry, academic, and private clients rely on us for our combination of chemical, commercial, and personal skills. We work with students and professionals around the world to foster sustainable personal growth and sustainable work for our planet.

Soldrevet is operated by TJ Preston. It was born from a desire to help people with a passion for the planet and compassion for others. TJ’s own experience studying for a PhD, living internationally during post-doctoral training, living internationally (again) as a researcher and group leader, and growing with Soldrevet make it easy for science and research clients to pick up the phone and work closely with him. What clients are saying:

“Well, you’ve been through a PhD and postdoc, and then employment. You know how to work hard. And you know what it means to be in stressful situations, to deal with other people that you maybe disagree with. What also comes through with our conversations is you put a lot of importance on mental well-being.”

Soldrevet Chemistry by Thomas Preston is a registered enkeltpersonforetak (sole proprietorship) operating in Norway under organisation number 924649178 MVA.

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