Professional Coaching & Chemistry Consulting

“I would say that [Professional Coaching with Soldrevet] gives me space,
it shows me more opportunities, it opens up my field of view.”

Supporting sustainable development champions
Soldrevet offers custom Professional coaching and Specialised consulting for students and professionals. We work with you, wherever you are in the world or in your career. If you wish to foster your own personal growth while bringing new insights to the world, Soldrevet is here to help you revitalise your vision. We help you grow as a person while you work as global champion for our planet.

Sustainable coaching

Clients typically start with Soldrevet during times of transition. Together, we ensure that your transition fulfills your long-term vision while meeting your short-term needs. We spend less time talking about CV preparation and salary expectations and more time finding your core desires and evaluating prospective job opportunities. We come at the job-search with new perspectives to remove barriers brought on from own fears.

I have helped in these recent transition experiences

  • New directions after a post-doctoral research position
  • Navigating empty space after leaving a “safe” contract
  • Walking away from impersonal job environments
  • International job search for a researcher with young children

What People Say

“Working with Soldrevet kind of gives me tools to navigate my life. And I think one important aspect is stepping back and looking at things from a more objective perspective and being more comfortable that you are in, even if the situation is uncomfortable.”

“Well, you’ve been through a PhD, and postdoc, and then employment. You know how to work hard. And you know what it means to be in stressful situations, to deal with other people that you maybe disagree with. What also comes through with our conversations is you put a lot of importance on mental well-being. You see the importance of that aspect of somebody who’s in a job that has its challenges.”

Common development themes
with Soldrevet

Professional transitions

Self-awareness training

Non-numerical goals

Goal evaluation

Building confidence

Constructive mentalities

“It’s definitely for somebody who’s unsure in some respect either professionally or personally. It’s kind of like development coaching, guidance, support.”

About TJ Preston

TJ has been helping students and professionals navigate career growth and career transitions before it was ever part of his job title. After the third or fourth person sought out his guidance on life-changing decisions, he realised he was good at it. Soldrevet was born out his desire to work with the people who have passion for the planet and compassion for others. Clients with science and/or research training express easy relationship building with TJ because of his own experiences in studying for a PhD, living internationally during post-doctoral training, living internationally (again) as a researcher and group leader, and now as owner and operator of Soldrevet.

In a way, when you say ‘sustainable development’ it could also mean ‘For a person. Personal sustainable development.’ It’s the same idea.

Want more info about Soldrevet?

Soldrevet Chemistry by Thomas Preston is a registered enkeltpersonforetak (sole proprietorship) operating in Norway under organisation number 924649178 MVA.