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My passion is sustainable development. I’ve experienced first hand the passion of working for sustainable development while forgetting to cultivate my own personal development. I started Soldrevet to make sure you can grow to be the person you want while you are a champion for our planet. Soldrevet specializes in working with pre-professionals and professionals in various careers.

Science and development are human endeavors. Our lives and our histories are inherently bound to the society and science we produce. I am a part of the work I have produced, just as they are part of me. Just as you are part of yours and they are part of you.

Behind all progress in research and development stands a human. I have discovered that my passion is in the personal path we walk through our contributions to society. Soldrevet supports the person who advances the common good.

Soldrevet works with you, no matter where you are in the world or where you are in your career. We welcome enquiries from those committed to fostering personal growth while bringing new insights to the world. Browse the menu at the top of this page, see the Soldrevet Services page, or use the contact form below to start your journey with Soldrevet at your side.

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