Chemistry research

Soldrevet works directly with industry and research consortia. We focus on the fine details to support your sustainable project endeavours. Consulting with Soldrevet relies on a close confidential relationship: We’ll work together to develop a framework that builds an outcome suited to you and your goals. Whether it’s project planning and development or technical expertise, we’re here for you.

Chemistry consulting requires a special relationship—these projects are typically larger in scope and have complicated time structures, including short-term demands that oscillate with your needs. These agreements are by special arrangement only—contact TJ to arrange a consultation.

Industry and Commercial
• Chemical & physical transformations of complex materials
•Optimisation of nanomaterial production process and design
•Scientific, operational, & scientific pre-project evaluations
•R&D project development in sustainable development

University and Academic (Public and Volunteering)
•Career and job-seeking advice in online webinars and networking events
•Molecular mechanism explorations of industrially relevant reactions
•Atomistic physics simulations of nanomaterial growth

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