Specialised Consulting

Working with you on the fine details
Soldrevet can support your specialised project endeavours. As with all services at Soldrevet, I focus on you. Consulting with Soldrevet relies on a close confidential relationship. We’ll work together to develop a framework that builds an outcome suited to you and your personal or business goals.

Soldrevet can support you on your journey
I work with professionals and pre-professionals (students and postdoctoral researchers) who work in all areas of sustainable development. My background is the chemistry behind renewable energy research, especially within solar energy and batteries. I can guide you through your focused tasks toward potential solutions. Clients come to me for scientific guidance and a discerning opinion when evaluating multiple possibilities in the path forward.

By special arrangement only – please get in touch
The work listed on this page requires a special relationship. These projects are typically larger in scope. They may have complicated time structures, including short-term demands that may oscillate with your needs.

Current examples from Soldrevet Specialised Consulting

  • Bespoke, on-call research to help develop commercial clients’ intellectual property
  • Workshop development and delivery within multinational research grants
  • Long-term research projects
  • Graphic design and dissemination in collaboration with Outspoken Images

Project planning & development

Structuring flexible plans

Meaningful goals and metrics

Technical expertise

Data interpretation

Research and evaluation

All correspondence is confidential

Professional listings & external reference

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Research Gate



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