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Soldrevet works directly with industry and research consortia. We focus on the fine details to support your sustainable project. Consulting with Soldrevet relies on a close confidential relationship: We work with you to develop a framework that builds an outcome suited to you and your goals. Soldrevet works with the R&D community on professional development, research proposals, and concept development.

Soldrevet’s focus on relationship building is what brings success. The activities listed below typically have complicated structures, including workloads that oscillate with your needs. We are rather selective with which contracts we take. Take contact with us to arrange a no-obligation conversation.

Recent Consulting Activities

EU Research Proposal Preparation
•Background research and information assembly
•Consortium building and networking assistance
•Content creation: writing text, creating scientific artwork
Giving you space to focus

PhD Career Development Training
•Bespoke workshop creation and delivery
•3+-year engagement with PhD cohort and supervisors
•Pan-European Marie Curie Doctoral Network
Getting prepared for life outside academia

EU Research Proposal Editing
•Rapid onboarding, quick turn-around editing
•Continuity and language adjustments
•Weekend turnaround available for trusted clients
Leting reviewers focus on your science

R&D Commercialization Services
•Process and product improvement for energy nanomaterials
•Chemical conversion process modelling
•Literature & patent information assembly and distillation

Chemical Physics Research
•Use-case oriented chemical reaction discovery
•All-atom simulations of non-equilibrium nanomaterial formation

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