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Tree Intercropping

Today is 1 October, my first day of Riffing on a Theme that I introduced yesterday. According to my randomly selected list of Drawdown solutions, today’s are is about Tree Intercropping. I headed over to the Drawdown List and read their solution summary. Tree Intercropping is about interspersing trees with other crops. The trees mayContinue reading “Tree Intercropping”

Riffing on a theme

Marie is joining Inktober. It’s a personal mission for committing to drawing each day of October. Someone has generated a theme or catalyzing word for each day of the month, and participants make ink creations starting from that word. You can read more about it here. (Is the website still down? Try the Twitter feed?)Continue reading “Riffing on a theme”

Abstract images

It’s a Reader Request day. I received a comment through the Soldrevet website question forms about the abstracted images that I use. I’m using today’s post to show you a few steps along the creation route, starting from digital photo and ending at a usable image. Do you have a question or a request forContinue reading “Abstract images”


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