Finding confidence by defining it

There’s a mountain foot race that, in normal years, I would’ve run about two weeks ago. It is both my first mountain race and the only race I’ve run twice. The course is set out something like a figure-8, with one mountain peak sitting at the intersection of the two circles and a second peakContinue reading “Finding confidence by defining it”

Building my exploration network

I take little adventures, but I will guess many people think I take big adventures. Regardless of whose perspective we’re considering, it’s still my own two feet moving me along. How can both sides be right at the same time? Here are my suggestions for turning those small adventures for yourself into big ones. TheyContinue reading “Building my exploration network”

Avalanche zones

The mountains up here are sharp. I’m still learning about the geology, and everything I learn is fascinating. Many of the mountains are named with the suffix -tinden or -tindan meaning “tall, sharp mountaintop” in Norwegian. The tops are indeed sharp. Typical lower slopes are tumble-down rocks where moss, grass, shrub, and tree find homes.Continue reading “Avalanche zones”