Differential ski waxing

Today’s post is only superficially about the physics of waxing cross-country skis. In reality, I want to share with you how an inquisitive mentality spreads throughout all facets of life. Even if you’ve never been skiing, walked on snow, or cared about physics, I hope the inquisitive side of you will keep reading. Getting tractionContinue reading “Differential ski waxing”

Sunset at equinox

Today is 22 September 2020, which means it is autumnal equinox in Norway. For those who note the day’s passing on the calendar, equinox might mean to you that night and day are both 12 hours long. Since Marie and I moved to Norway, equinoxes have a new meaning to me. I’m using today’s equinoxContinue reading “Sunset at equinox”

Building a new homebase

Marie and I moved out of the Arctic in August. We spent about a week driving 1000 km. Our travelling lives still fit in the back of Marie’s e-Golf, including our summer purchases of a 24″ monitor, my folding bicycle, and our growing shoe collection. It did feel a little odd to drive around withContinue reading “Building a new homebase”

Finding confidence by defining it

There’s a mountain foot race that, in normal years, I would’ve run about two weeks ago. It is both my first mountain race and the only race I’ve run twice. The course is set out something like a figure-8, with one mountain peak sitting at the intersection of the two circles and a second peakContinue reading “Finding confidence by defining it”

The geese are flocking

It’s the first time this summer that I’ve seen geese congregating. They’re hanging out in larger flotillas at the beach and practicing their V-formations in the sky. Just a few days into August feels awfully early for their preparations for southbound travels. But it’s our first summer in the arctic and all the patterns areContinue reading “The geese are flocking”

Announcing “Borrow Soldrevet’s Backyard”

I live in an amazing place. In many countries, the world outside my door could be designated as a national park, area of outstanding natural beauty, or something similar. Here, though, it simply is. Since I’m working for myself these days, I have plenty of time to explore. And I do explore. According to myContinue reading “Announcing “Borrow Soldrevet’s Backyard””

Building my exploration network

I take little adventures, but I will guess many people think I take big adventures. Regardless of whose perspective we’re considering, it’s still my own two feet moving me along. How can both sides be right at the same time? Here are my suggestions for turning those small adventures for yourself into big ones. TheyContinue reading “Building my exploration network”

What’s the point

Today is another story about turning around before the end. But it’s more about making sure that I’m being inquisitive about why I do the things I do. The header photo here shows Eidetinden (Eide|tinden, isthmus pointy mountain) on the left. It’s our tallest mountain on Kjerringøy, topping out at about 1017 m above seaContinue reading “What’s the point”