Announcing “Borrow Soldrevet’s Backyard”

I live in an amazing place. In many countries, the world outside my door could be designated as a national park, area of outstanding natural beauty, or something similar. Here, though, it simply is. Since I’m working for myself these days, I have plenty of time to explore. And I do explore. According to my logbook, I’ve been outside and on the move for an average of 2.5 hours each day since we moved to Kjerringøy in March.

Another day on Fjærekjerringa, Kjerringøy, Norway.

I’m starting a side project, which I’m calling “Borrow Soldrevet’s Backyard.” My intention is to give away high-resolution images to help anyone who needs to find a feeling of escape during these isolating times of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m rolling out the page now, before I’ve got everything posted. So, check in every few days to find new photos. Don’t worry, my regular posts to Jeg er jo Soldrevet will continue.

Blåfjellet rising above Vestfjorden, Kjerringøy, Norway.

I am pulled towards a theme for Borrow Soldrevet’s Backyard. I have been taking close-up photos of small wonders while letting a big wonder become blurry in the background. It’s my nod to living life these days: revel in something small and commonplace, let the bigness of the world exist, but exist in the background.

Check out the page, grab a photo or two, and let me know how they’re reaching you. If even only one person has a brighter day for it, I’ll be happy.

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