Borrow our backyard

Our backyard is amazing. We want to share it with anyone who needs to be lifted up while COVID-19 is keeping us tied down. We set focus on the small and manageable while letting the bigness of the rest of the world remain fuzzy. Call it a metaphor of living in challenging times. Photos here are by me or by Marie. Marie is also the curator of our collection.

You can download any of the watermarked photos below for private, educational or non-commercial use. Click any image, click “View full size”, then right click to save to your PC.

Life changes fast in Folldal. Here’s our collection of photos for our project from September through November, 2020. We’re outside nearly every day, whether rain or snow or wind or clear, blue skies. Let us know if you have a photo request.

Older photos are still here! Spend time with the slideshow to catch up with past days of wonder. Grab one of these photos with a right click and save through that menu. Do you want a high resolution version? Use the contact form below to tell me the title, and I’ll send it to you by email.

Photo collection from late summer, 2020. Marie and TJ were living on Kjerringøy, near Bodø, Norway.

Photo collection from spring and summer, 2020. Marie and TJ were living on Kjerringøy, near Bodø, Norway.

You can get a high-resolution digital image for personal use without the watermark for €5 using the button below. Contact me if you want photos for commercial use.

  • High resolution digital image from gallery above, with watermark removed.
  • For private, education, and non-commercial use.

I don’t run a sales business, so purchasing “items” is somewhat convoluted. Here’s a rundown of happens when you click the €5 Digital Photo button.

  1. A secure payment window will come up
  2. After payment you will get a confirmation email from
  3. I will send you a request via email to give me the photo name you want
  4. I will then send you the full-resolution photo without watermark by email

Are you getting joy from our photo project? Let me know. We appreciate hearing from you.

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