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“I would say that [Professional Coaching] gives me space, it shows me more opportunities,
it opens up my field of view.”

A coach is a supportive-yet-analytical voice in your life. Inviting this voice into your day-to-day life means being ready to challenge your own opinions. I encourage you to read this article that transformed my thinking on bringing a mentor into our lives.

We start life with school teachers, sports coaches, and piano tutors. Consider your professional coaching with Soldrevet like learning to play a musical instrument: Growth happens during daily practice sessions on your own, and our face-to-face sessions are for sharing and feedback. Soldrevet will support you in your endeavours, empowering you to grow and learn as only you can be.

Sometimes we’re too critical of ourselves. Soldrevet Professional Coaching gives you a safe space to walk your own path with confidence; a place to share your ideas and grow in ways suited to you. It is mentorship and guidance that builds you up.

Clients often begin coaching during a time of transition. Together, we ensure that your transition fulfills your long-term vision and meets your short-term needs. We discuss your core desires and evaluate prospective job opportunities. We come at the job-search with new perspectives to remove barriers brought on from our own fears.

Successful coaching begins with personal interaction. Fill out the Initial Contact Form and I’ll send you a personal reply. If we decide we are a good fit for each other, we’ll start our journey together by scheduling our first 1-hour session.

“Working with Soldrevet gives me tools to navigate my life. One important aspect is stepping back and looking at things from a more objective perspective, being more comfortable about what you are in, even if the situation is uncomfortable.”

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