It’s all in the name—solar powered: Sol | drevet = sun | driven.

I’m Thomas Preston: Most people call me TJ. I have a passion for sustainable research and exploring nature. I moved to Norway in 2015 after living in the United Kingdom from 2012 to 2015 and the USA prior to 2012. Life is about seeking and sharing joy. If it’s not fun—or it doesn’t bring joy to others—it’s not for me. I believe short-term struggles can lead to long-term gains instead of more short-term struggling. Read Soldrevet’s Ethics Statement to learn how I see myself and my business thriving in the world.

As of September 2022, Soldrevet is based in Folldal, Norway, a town of 1500 inhabitants nestled deep in the valley of the same name.

(The word soldrevet exists in Det Norske Akademis Ordbok but not in official Norwegian lexicon: Listen to the Google Translate pronunciation.)

I am Soldrevet.
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Where to find Soldrevet
Research Gate

Where to find TJ

You can often find TJ:
Back-country & cross-country skiing
Road cycling
Trail running
Trekking with Outspoken Images

He’s also been know to play:
Board games
Ice hockey
Frisbee golf
Ultimate frisbee

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