Soldrevet’s Ethics Statement

I want my philosophy of operating Soldrevet to be open and honest, even if I can’t share with you details about Soldrevet’s clients and customers. This morning I was inspired to write an Ethics Statement after reading a rather weak statement from another organization. I’m not an expert in writing formal, business-y documentation. Turns out, since I run the joint, that I don’t have to make it the way “everyone else” says I should.

Soldrevet is about inclusion, learning, adapting, modifying, and sharing our process. Within this philosophy, I am sharing with you my draft of Soldrevet’s Ethics Statement. This is a living document, which means it is open to scrutiny and modification. I appreciate comments and questions.

Ethics statement of Soldrevet Chemistry by Thomas Preston

Soldrevet provides its services with equal passion to all persons committed to bettering themselves, their planet, their interaction with the planet, and their interaction with other persons. Our commitment to service is independent of region, creed, gender, ethnicity, education, or age. Soldrevet makes its services available via scholarship for those where our monetary support is shown to be advantageous. Because of our interpersonal services, however, we are somewhat restricted to direct interaction via the Internet and in the English language (although exceptions can be made). Soldrevet recognizes these limitations while seeking to improve well-being of all persons around the world.

According to the laws of Norway, where Soldrevet is legally located, there is no clear separation between the company Soldrevet and the person Thomas Preston. Therefore, your support as a customer of Soldrevet Chemistry is support of me, Thomas Preston, the person. The foundations of Soldrevet’s guiding principles stem from my own vision for living in the world. I adopt the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as guiding principles, which I use as a lens for assessing Soldrevet’s philosophy. I point interested persons to the climate solutions presented by Project Drawdown as concepts that inspire Soldrevet to get excited about every day’s work.

Soldrevet Chemistry is based in Folldal, Norway as of March 2021. We are blessed with ready access to nature, clean water, universal healthcare, a strong government that promotes equality among genders, food security, housing security, renewable energy, free education, and more. One part of the mission of Soldrevet is to infect the rest of the world with similar desires. I do so by actively engaging with clients around the world, participating in charitable activities with like-minded organizations, and through active cultivation of these ideals in our clients and their operation.

Customers and clients working with Soldrevet will, by default, remain undisclosed. Coaching clients and research clients may wish to disclose our collaboration publicly or privately as each wishes. Formal, written non-disclosure agreements are offered to each client and may be entered into at any date. A written NDA or working contract, however, are simply written representations of the mutual understanding between Soldrevet and client. It is our actual working relationship where we demonstrate that honor to each other.

Soldrevet and Thomas Preston engage actively in sharing and developing this code of ethics. As such, it is a living document that is designed for modification. Should you wish to make comment, please contact Soldrevet directly via email at

26 March 2021

Thomas J Preston
Soldrevet Chemistry
Sole Proprietor

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