“In a way, when you say ‘sustainable development’ it could also mean,
‘for a person. Personal sustainable development’. It’s the same idea.”

What does sustainable mean to you?
Project Drawdown publishes an approachable list of solutions. The United Nations publishes its own list. How do you see your work contributing to sustainable development?

What sustainable means to Soldrevet
Sustainable is a squishy word that can mean many things. I share my rolling definition as I wrestle it: Join me on the journey and read Soldrevet’s Ethics Statement. Does it speak to you? Do you have a suggestion for me to consider? I do care and will respond.

Are you compatible with Soldrevet?
Sustainable development recognizes that we can work together to benefit the common good. Building perspectives that look to the future are sustainable, as is recognizing joy and celebrating success. Running from fears and blaming the past is unsustainable, as is hunting for a silver bullet. Soldrevet helps you realize your sustainable development goals. Whether your company needs consulting, your research lab wants graphics for scientific presentations, or you are personally looking for guidance, Soldrevet can help.

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