The geese are flocking

It’s the first time this summer that I’ve seen geese congregating. They’re hanging out in larger flotillas at the beach and practicing their V-formations in the sky. Just a few days into August feels awfully early for their preparations for southbound travels. But it’s our first summer in the arctic and all the patterns are new to me. We, too, have turned our sights south and have begun prepping for travels. Although not our intention when we walked out the front door, today’s journey became the beginning of saying “goodbye” to Kjerringøy.

Osvika, Kjerringøy, Norway

We took a slow-motion wander along the beach at low tide. We spent four hours in a near trance, looking at the world around us. Our entire trip was within 2 km of our house. Sunset is at about 10:45 PM and it’s moving earlier by about 15 minutes every day. The sky changed from deep blue, to soft blue, to a pink blue by the time we got home. Had we known we would get captivated for 4 hours, we would’ve brought dinner.

Vestfjorden, Kjerringøy, Norway.

It’s a special place up here, yet we’re ready to experience our new home “down south”. We were asked recently by our family in the USA if we ever lose our amazement at the landscape. Our meander during a slow-motion sunset at the seaside reaffirms our answer: “Not yet.”

Myrhatt (purple marshlocks, comarum palustre), Kjerringøy, Norway.

Stroll on Strava

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