Bending time to our whims

Marie has a long weekend off from her job as “gallerivert” (galleri|vert, gallery host) at Zahlfjøsen (Zahl|fjøsen, Zahl [a surname] cowshed). Because the sun just goes around in circles up here, we’ve decided to shift our sleep schedules. I’m typically an early riser, but this weekend I’m crawling in to bed closer to my wake-upContinue reading “Bending time to our whims”

Hiking in the midnight sun?

My dad gets a text message every time I set out on an adventure and use Strava to track me. He’s never been to Kjerringøy, but after a few months of following a blue dot on a map he has a good feeling of the terrain. “Hiking in the midnight sun?” he asks by WhatsAppContinue reading “Hiking in the midnight sun?”