Hiking in the midnight sun?

My dad gets a text message every time I set out on an adventure and use Strava to track me. He’s never been to Kjerringøy, but after a few months of following a blue dot on a map he has a good feeling of the terrain. “Hiking in the midnight sun?” he asks by WhatsApp as Marie and I step into the cool poplar forests of the lowlands on Kjerringøy. Most times I disconnect from communication on these trips, but this question warrants a few on-the-fly photos.

Midnight hot cocoa on Kvarven. Our home is visible below.

Kvarven is our backyard mountain. It’s about a 500-m climb and a 3-hour round trip. The peak is a bonus, the journey and the experience are the goal.

More photos and details on Strava event.

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