Around which mountain?

Marie and I are not actually eager travellers, despite what many of our friends and family may think. We’ve lived in several interesting places, visited friends and family around the world, but we don’t range far after we’ve arrived. It’s our pattern to explore a smaller place or a smaller town. We’re likely to spend a 10-day trip in a new country in one province or city. Here on Kjerringøy, I realized today that the pattern holds. We know our peninsula well, but little else.

I’ve been cycling long distances for 20 years now. This is my first folding bike. It needs a name. I got a flat tire as I rolled into Bodø. A quick change and smiley service from Sykkelhuset (sykkel|huset, bicycle house) got me back on my way.

Today’s mission to Bodø was my first long day on my new bicycle. I bought a folding bike so that Marie and I can toss it in the back of her e-Golf when we move out for our next adventure. The road between Kjerringøy and Bodø follows the coast and is a relatively flat journey of 40 km with one ferry crossing. This my third time taking the trip; it’s my first trip watch each mountain slip by at the slow speeds of a bicycle. Which mountain marks the end and which a waypoint on my journey, I still experience one kilometer at a time.

Ferry ridership is high in Norway as summer holidays send many tourists to the seaside. As a traveller without a car, I wait in the barren ship’s cafe. The ferries request passengers to stay in their cars, charge carriage by recording vehicle license plates, and otherwise minimize spread of the corona virus.

Route for cycle to and from Bodø Strava.

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