Riffing on a theme

Marie is joining Inktober. It’s a personal mission for committing to drawing each day of October. Someone has generated a theme or catalyzing word for each day of the month, and participants make ink creations starting from that word. You can read more about it here. (Is the website still down? Try the Twitter feed?) I won’t be joining, since drawing doesn’t bring me much joy: usually I scribble some stuff and then Marie makes it sensible. I thought that I could modify the idea of Inktober to find a different route for fulfilling promises to myself of daily creation.

When Marie and I are making designs, one typical method for us to turn our oral ideas into serial sketches. For the Soldrevet logo, for example, we pulled out scrap paper during a hiking trip and started scribbling. I had thoughts that Marie modified into pencil sketches. When we got home I built a series of digital versions, playing with font, style, detail, aspect ratios, color, and so forth. I’ve read in the past that group brainstorming is pretty much garbage, whereas what I’ll call an individual’s “riffing on a theme” can be fruitful.

I will modify Inktober for my purposes. Because Soldrevet supports the humans behind sustainable development, I’m going to make art using as inspiration the Project Drawdown list of solutions for drawing down atmospheric CO2 concentration. I want to highlight the human side, so no drawings of solar panels and windmills and electric cars. The list includes 82 solutions. I’ve sent that list through my favorite randomization system to give me 31, one for each day of October. My pruned list is at the end of the post.

I keep coming back to the Project Drawdown website for a bunch of reasons. Each time I return, I learn something new. Something about the world, about me, about possibilities for the future. Today I got a running start on October Riffing: I took the full list of 82 solutions, assigned their CO2 savings to the sectors they represent, and made a pie chart.

The fun part is that when one solution fits into two sectors, plotting by sector takes more than 360°. Imagine you work in Health and Education. In the spiraling pie chart, you can see that Health and Education constitute 9% of the identified CO2 savings in the years 2020-2050. You can see from this spiral representation how your chosen passion complements the broader suite of solutions, but not how it overlaps with other sectors.

The spiral pie chart is my first experiment in October Riffing. I didn’t give myself too much time for revamping. I didn’t take too much time to know where I was headed before I started walking. Design in Adobe Illustrator, editorial consultation from Outspoken Images. Scan my Graphic Design page and hire us to make your next scientific artwork.

DateSolutionSector(s)2° Scenario*1.5° Scenario*
01 OctoberTree IntercroppingLand Sinks15.0324.4
02 OctoberElectric BicyclesTransportation1.314.07
03 OctoberBiochar ProductionEngineered Sinks2.224.39
04 OctoberNet-Zero BuildingsElectricity / Buildings
05 OctoberBuilding RetrofittingElectricity / Buildings
06 OctoberTelepresenceTransportation1.053.8
07 OctoberLow-Flow FixturesElectricity / Buildings0.911.56
08 OctoberCompostingIndustry2.143.13
09 OctoberNuclear PowerElectricity2.653.23
10 OctoberBamboo ProductionLand Sinks8.2721.31
11 OctoberBicycle InfrastructureTransportation2.566.65
12 OctoberPlant-Rich DietsFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks65.0191.72
13 OctoberTemperate Forest RestorationLand Sinks19.4227.85
14 OctoberOnshore Wind TurbinesElectricity47.21147.72
15 OctoberLandfill Methane CaptureElectricity / Industry2.18-1.6
16 OctoberMicro Wind TurbinesElectricity0.090.13
17 OctoberCoastal Wetland ProtectionFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Coastal and Ocean Sinks0.991.45
18 OctoberTree Plantations (on Degraded Land)Land Sinks22.2435.94
19 OctoberAlternative CementIndustry7.9816.1
20 OctoberBuilding Automation SystemsElectricity / Buildings6.4710.48
21 OctoberSilvopastureLand Sinks26.5842.31
22 OctoberRefrigerant ManagementIndustry / Buildings57.7557.75
23 OctoberBiomass PowerElectricity2.523.57
24 OctoberHigh-Efficiency Heat PumpsElectricity / Buildings4.169.29
25 OctoberBiogas for CookingBuildings4.659.7
26 OctoberSmart ThermostatsElectricity / Buildings6.997.4
27 OctoberRegenerative Annual CroppingFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks14.5222.27
28 OctoberSustainable Intensification for SmallholdersFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks1.360.68
29 OctoberRecyclingIndustry5.56.02
30 OctoberReduced Food WasteFood, Agriculture, and Land Use / Land Sinks87.4594.56
31 OctoberDistributed Solar PhotovoltaicsElectricity27.9868.64
* Gigatons CO2 Equivalent Reduced / Sequestered (2020–2050). Data from Project Drawdown

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